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4 week board & train with 5 day reverse



4 Weeks + 5 day reverse B&T


About the Course

4Week board &train

where to start?

Book an initial consultation this allows me to asses where you and your dog are and asses your goals.

We know that having a well-behaved pup can make all the difference. With this program we will work for four weeks on good behaviors.

To start we’ll introduce your pup to a clicker we'll also take them out to explore the world around them once there ready and show them how to be calm and patient in new situations as our first priority from there we work on basic obedience.

Where do we meet?

We can meet anywhere from Duncan to Nanaimo (gas fee can be added to go further) the location depends on what we are going to be working on and where your dog is in the program.

What is a "foundation"?

Our dog training services offer a unique approach to teaching your pup how to learn and helping you and your pup build a strong bond and create a lasting results. We use proven techniques to help your dog learn and grow. There is no short cut if you want

4 Week B&T can work on:

Board & train:

* ( come, sit, down, ect)

* Proper socializing  

* Habit breaking (jumping, teething, etc)

* Potty training

* Walking on lead

* Crate training

* Clicker training


$ 3,100

4 Week B & T


Core vaccines

8 Weeks: distemper, parvo, adenovirus & parainfluenza.

12 Weeks: 2nd set: distemper, parvo, adenovirus & parainfluenza.

16 weeks 3rd set or titre test results.

over 24 weeks rabies is required

*4 week B&T is not for behaviour modification

Your Instructor




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