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where to start?

Book an initial consultation; this allows me to assess where you and your dog are and evaluate your goals.

We then advance to a 6-10 week foundation program. This allows a solid foundation to be set and work at your and your dog's pace. Some dogs will take one session plus homework. Some take a bit longer before starting to work on specific behaviours.

Where do we meet?

We can meet anywhere from Duncan to Nanaimo (a gas fee can be added to go further). The location depends on what we will work on and where your dog is in the program.

What is a "foundation"?

Our dog training services offer a unique approach to teaching your pup how to learn and helping you and your pup build a strong bond and create lasting results. We use proven techniques to help your dog learn and grow. There is no shortcut if you want accurate, lasting results.


What can be worked on?

*leash skills, obedience, unwanted behaviours, reactivity, house skills(Lots of other things can be worked on. These are just some examples.

How many sessions will it take to train my dog? 

It depends. The average dog takes 1-3 sessions to set our foundation; then, we move towards individual goals such as nicely walking through a park, etc.

Prong & e collars?

We do not throw tools on dogs. After our foundation is set, it takes multiple sessions to implement them into an ethical training plan.


Why don't you offer quick, near-instant results like other trainers?

In the training industry, some individuals use flooding and inappropriate suppression; this creates fallout, and the dogs give up and become passive (learned helplessness). We strive to avoid this quick-fix culture

In-person coaching sessions. 


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